The poem written to accompany my monster drawings (@whatwouldjesusglue) was thoughtful and really captured the true nature of the sensitive creatures. It's so meaningful when art inspires art. Keep up the good work!

Marty Gordon

26 January 2019

Thank you so much Words in Vision. You were prompt and you my poem right proper. The most appropriate words for my needs. Thank you again!

Devonne Miggins

16 October 2018

Thank you for my thoughtful and beautiful poem. What a wonderful idea and so unique. Looking forward to reading more of your creations x.

Georgie St Clair

13 October 2018 

These are great thank you for the Boxing / Art Poem. You need to share it.

Patrick John Killian

28 September 2018 

You guys are amazing. I like your concept and creation. Wish you lots of success and inspiration at the Art world. Thank you so much for such an amazing Poem.

-Tomer Peretz

25 September 2018 

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