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Starting to feel at home with all these cameras and lights,

Words flowing from the dome on this canvas I write,

Whether it's via the book or the phone,

My words are potent enough to set a candle light.

Or that's what I led myself to believe,

Most of us would prefer to see our health melt for the cheese,

I wanna help myself, but me and self help books never agree.

It's peak but its better than laying dead in the street.

Id rather be laying in bed with my feet,

Up but there never seems to be a moments peace,

When you're hungry to replace and let your actions and moments speak,

Its F*cked because my degree doesn't give me a degree,

Of who I am or who I am destined to be.

Having less was really a lesson for me,

I was in LA on a quest just so I could answer questions for me...

#POET #poetry #cameras #lights #art

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