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I never understood why when approaching a milestone,

I'd feel so reluctant to finally accomplish it.

Its like a part of me doesn't want to see me with accomplishments.

I prod and I poke, I scream and I sulk.

But inside I think i've still got many challenges to face,

I remember playing school footy and receiving a challenge to the face,

I was just trying to make it as a pro-teen without the gammon or the steak.

But when you're hungry for success it doesn't matter.

You must endure everything.

Its not always chicken or salmon on your plate.

And thats something I learned from experience,

Its hard to take your own advice when you're the only one hearing it.

My mother's opinion was always something that I wanted,

But at times I ended up fearing it.

How can I fear what I desire?

Maybe I can attribute it to my environment and shift the blame,

But i'm 24 now and things have changed.

Technology moved forward,

But this internal collision I don't know what to do for it.

Despite being unsure of that,

I just want the last bit of youth in me to feel Euphoric.

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