Wow. Time flies so fast. This book was something I've always wanted to write. Not particularly to sell them, but as a life goal. Certainly without the support of my mother and near family I do not believe I would have had enough confidence to share it beyond my small social group.

I have been overwhelmed by the feedback I've received in person, through Amazon&Facebook reviews. As the book is emotion based I wasn't sure if my writing would completely connect with others as a lot of the book is written from my perspective, but I am glad it has.

What Next?

I plan to write a sequel, and a collection of my own personal poems throughout my years of writing. I also aim to release a vlog and written behind the scene documentation very soon of the writing and publishing process and a little more insight into myself and what got me to the mindset of wanting to write my own book.

Many more things following this also but all shall be revealed in due time!

I appreciate all of you who have followed my journey so far. If you haven't seen or read the book, I have also released parts of it via animation on my youtube account

'wordsinvision -

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