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Excited, Exhausted but Excited more.

Living out my ambition of writing a book I always used to think the process of writing it would be the most difficult. I was wrong.

Formatting and publishing is definitely as much if not more so time consuming than the actual creation from my experience.

Having said that I am using amazon self publisher, which is amazing for guidance and support for first timers (such as myself) but you cannot get away from these long days and longer nights..

Not one to complain though the book is coming together really nicely though the Beta version I am ordering for myself better match my expectations before I release it to the public!

I thought I’d add an image of my earlier struggles with amazon cover creator (email/dm me on Instagram if you have any questions regarding the self publishing process) and my (potential, not confirmed yet ) book cover

.As ever sharing what’s right, and sharing what’s special

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