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This 2 part  book illustrates the unique emotion based friendship between three childhood friends from  Birmingham through the poetry of the author: Ryan Sinclair.

Kyle, Michael and Carl have gone in separate paths throughout their lives, and despite being in different positions and making different choices they come to an understanding they've all faced similar challenges; yet have all dealt with them differently.


As the story proceeds, they realise their words and vision create their reality as well as shaping those around them. 


18 November 2019

Amazon Customer

I like how this book was pace by pace story in a conversation between each person as well as the poetry involved. The illustrations were perfect for each emotion and although my young son may not be able to read. The illustrations captured his attention. Relatable also within the friendship. Excellent read

23 March 2018


When you read what Sinclair has written, you can really empathize and identify with the emotions and struggles these characters have encountered. I had to read it twice to understand the story line fully but I loved reading this book and it has given me inspiration for my own writing. Had me laughing, thinking, reflecting and ultimately enjoying reading again. The book touches on real topics of grief, regret and the the feeling that we all ultimately want to feel success and happiness. Sinclair uses the premise of long lost friendship, to illustrate how different all our experiences are but that ultimately we are all human and feel the same emotions.

20 February 2020


I highly recommend purchasing this book. I really enjoy reading about what Ryan Sinclair has written, as the story is well written in detail. The images and poetry fit well together in telling the story, effectively conveying the feeling of each character through emotions when trying to reconcile their friendship. The story is inspirational and motivating. I not only read the book but I use the book for my own personal use on a daily basis to help me get through good and bad times in my life as a whole.

19 December 2018


Great poetry by a young Birmingham man.

1 April 2018

Danielle Mullings

An amazing read, very descriptive and insightful. Definitely recommend!

16 March 2018


First, I must admit, poetry is not high on my reading list; that being said, I was pleasantly surprised by at how much I enjoyed reading, “A Birmingham Story”, by writer/poet Ryan Sinclair. Sinclair, in just nine short chapters, skillfully uses his gift of poetic prose and animation to draw the reader into the lives of three childhood friends as they try to reconnect as now men leading different lives. “A Birmingham Story,” is an emotionally haunting story that tugs at the heart and mind to reach out to long-forgotten friends.

11 March 2018

Amazon Customer

Sinclair writes in a poetic beat the rhythms that flow through us all: love, anger, anxiety, positivity, etc. Through this conversational writing between three high school friends reconnecting in adulthood, we realize the importance of being real, even if we look and act differently than who we once were. There is no shame in accepting one another in love... we are all on a journey, and often a mess of emotion. Sinclair reminds us of our humanity and our need for one another.

8 March 2018

Amazon Customer

This is a moving tale of three young men trying to reconnect on an emotional level, in a world where this is no longer an easy thing to do. The author uses poetic messages and conversations between the men to tell the story, and does so in a modern and relevant way. Well worth a read.

6 April 2018

James P

A great and interesting read that explores of emotions faced by many every day. A mix of poetry and imagery works well to paint the picture.

24 March 2018


Well written poetry in a unique phenomenal format. Inspiring and emotionally educational. Would recommend to all ages